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Veniston LTD, designing in the color mixtures of the flooring terrazzo is inspired by the PEOPLE.

People that use spaces like: offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc ,. We design floors for worldwide living; for people that spend their energy into everyday living space.

We like to have attention at quality of the workspace. In Veniston we look forward to simplicity.

We design solutions for people and their everyday spaces;  people who like to spend hours of their days working in their daily space like reception of the hotel lobby, offices, restaurants, etc.

In doing this we try to listen to their needs and integrate with their spaces for the day living in a comfortable environment, with a floor that surrounds and supports them in their daily expressions.

Nowhere in the world it is expressed the real character of the Terrazzo Tile Flooring as the Italian tradition. To draw terrazzo tile, calibrated, in Veniston we do to be guided by what we give value: the color, harmony.

Moreover, in the search for raw materials, we work in compliance with the suppliers that provide recycled materials. We live well and we are proud to share it with you.

With Veniston can interact with our production facilities that meet your desires in order that your passion for design is in the foreground.