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Italian tradition terrazzo tile


The capacity of Veniston naturally expresses itself in a process with 15 years of experience in terrazzo tile manufacture.


Veniston likes the return of posh terrazzo tile, in harmony with marble aggregate: the beauty of this experience, a real capacity to revisit terrazzo to refined the simplicity of the products. The craftsman gestures of the producer, the simple nature color taken to get a beautiful and unique thing, great revival of handmade, with different surface, design and colors inspirited by nature.


The dedication of Veniston srl as  engineered terrazzo producer, and the mastery of designers, gave life to a project with the original posh of the materials themselves.


Natural gestures, dynamic shapes and an essential concept are origin and  result of this virtuous encounter at the same time.


Prestigious partnerships with international architects and designers brought gaining important recognitions for the obtained results find the expressive richness of the human hands elaborate by gestures and intensions of a skillful craftsman of terrazzo tile.


Veniston believe in the excellence of Italian tradition embraces contemporaneity in a original creative and productive project.