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In Veniston srl, tradition is the main feature of Sauro’s family.  Handcraft ship is what impulse our job: we are  creating floor tile since three generations and we bring them across the world. From grandfather Aleardo, carry on with father Roberto, to arrive today with over  fifty five years of history.

Grandfather Aleardo, the first to fall in love with the art of terrazzo aggregate granulate Marble chips, passed it on to his son Roberto.

Veniston s.r.l. finds its strength in its ancient family trade and history: the international business in combining the price, flexibility and curiousness. Skilfully mixing simplicity with love for marble products, transforming tradition into contemporary.

Veniston is located in Verona, near Venice. Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, beautiful masterpieces such as l’Arena. Venice, which is the main city of terrazzo flooring.

The Venetian Terrazzo floor started on 16th century. Veniston s.r.l. engineering terrazzo tile floor, thanks to competent experts, keeps it alive and renovated.

When tradition meets, innovation can have something special. In this case, Veniston s.r.l. has joined the old art of Venetian Floors with the most sophisticated presses full body terrazzo tile calibrated, obtaining a contemporary floor.