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Veneto Land


Veniston s.r.l. is located in Veneto land of the terrace and the Masters of the terrazzo floor particularly known for their work. Most of these workers departed from Venice and went through the world. The terrazzo Masters from Veneto Land accumulated unimaginable success, which can be seen in the palaces of worldwide city. Veniston s.r.l. believes in the fact that a big part of the excellence in in the Italian marble raw materials that is part of the research. In Veniston s.r.l. Sauro’s family strive to be looking and to work with an eye to the future. Our company is oriented to the world of innovative architect’s requirements. Today Veniston is promoters of new trends. We believe in establishing collaborations with designer and architects. Internet communication play a central role in our activities. Veniston’s most ambitious project is custom design.