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Welcome to Veniston's website, the company specialized in the production of terrazzo tiles with a low environmental impact production process

and a strong focus on sustainability.

Our tiles are made from 90% recycled materials, with a Carbon footprint equal to 0,21 Kg CO2/sqm, up to 10 times lower than that of other flooring materials.


Delicatessen - Brisbane

This project has seen the creation of a bar counter in harmony with the terrazzo flooring. The establishment is comfortable and creates a relaxing and refined atmosphere.

The terrazzo tiles provide a unique style and ensure the perfect success of the setting, guaranteeing a low environmental impact project.

Hotel lobby - New York

The need was to create an elegant and refined environment that would reflect the modern style of the hotel, using resistant materials with a high aesthetic impact.

The design of Veniston terrazzo tiles was customized for the project, featuring a geometric pattern inspired by the modern architecture of New York, seamlessly blending with the hotel's interior. The selected colors were chosen to create a sophisticated and welcoming effect, in line with the hotel's image.

The result is a flooring solution that not only meets the functional requirements of the lobby but also provides a unique welcoming experience for guests.

Centerpoint - London

For the prestigious Center Point lobby in London, Veniston terrazzo tiles were chosen for their durability, versatility, and beauty to create an elegant, organized, and structured environment that perfectly complements the style and grandeur of the historic building.

The visual impact is striking, thanks to a carefully designed project meant to stand the test of time.


center point london.png
Airport - Sydney

Our company has committed to providing a durable and high-quality flooring solution that meets the functional requirement for durability due to the high foot traffic at Sydney Airport while maintaining a high and contemporary aesthetic value.

The design of the flooring is simple and clean, resulting in a welcoming and comfortable environment, ready to greet visitors from around the world.

Ikea - Melbourne

We are proud to present the flooring project of the Ikea store in Melbourne, which was realized using high-quality Veniston terrazzo tiles.

The goal of the project was to create a welcoming and modern environment for the store, utilizing materials that could withstand wear and high traffic. Veniston tiles were chosen for their durability and resistance, as well as their aesthetic beauty.

Wurth shop - Finland

This flooring project for Wurth focused on creating a modern and functional environment that could reflect the brand's image of reliability and solidity.

Our terrazzo tiles proved to be excellent in terms of aesthetics and durability, while also providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative compared to other flooring options.




Veniston Srl

Via A. Volta, 24

37023 Grezzana (VR)



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