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Welcome to the world of terrazzo tiles, manufactured by our Italian company that has dedicated years of research and development to produce unique and high-quality flooring solutions.

We take pride in offering high-quality products that are entirely made in Italy, using only premium marble and natural stones. Our company is committed to producing sustainable and environmentally-friendly terrazzo tiles.



We use natural materials such as flakes and chips of marble and natural stones, which have a reduced impact on the environment as they are sourced from recycled waste materials of other processes. During production, we minimize material waste and energy consumption, and we strive to limit the environmental impact throughout the entire production chain.

Carbon foot print
​0.21 Kg CO2/sqm

The environmental impact of Veniston tiles is up to 10 times lower compared other similar products.

Water recycling
We reuse 100% of the water used in the production process, reducing the consumption of natural water resources by up to 80%.


Our team of expert artisans combines Italian tradition with modern technology to create custom terrazzo tiles. The mixtures and blends are carefully crafted by a specialized team that has developed dedicated techniques over the years.


Our wide range of colors, shades and shapes offer endless customization possibilities.

Whether you are looking for a classic or modern flooring solution, with the assistance of our experts, you will find the perfect design for your project, tailored to the needs of your space.


Our terrazzo tiles are designed to last a lifetime. Thanks to their elegant and timeless design, Veniston Terrazzo floors are not subject to fleeting trends and can be maintained over time. They represent a long-term investment that also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space.



  • Canberra Airport 

  • Sydney Airport

  • Homemaker, Harvey Norman-Ikea, Melbourne 

  • 2, National Circuit, Canberra

  • Hunley Shopping Centre, Adelaide 

  • Victor Central, Adelaide

  • Nepal Hospital, Penrith (NSW)

  • Cherry Grove, Shopping Center, Saint Petersburg

  • University, Kuwait

  • Hotel Mandola Rosa, Greece

  • Hotel Olympia Riviera Resort, Greece

  • Hotel Eva Palace, Corfu, Greece 

  • Hotel Athena Grand Hotel, Greece

  • Hospital Cuneo, Italy

  • Hospital Astana, Kazakhstan

  • Fire Department Headquarters, Switzerland

  • Town of Hall Regensburg, Germany 

  • SPA of San Giuliano, Italy 

  • Versace, UK 

  • USA Air Force, Bahrain 

  • RAF Royal Air Force Somebury, UK 

  • W Hotel, Poland

  • Liverpool Station, Hotel

  • University, Birmingham

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